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How To Choose Drip Coffee Makers

Posted by By at 22 October, at 12 : 57 PM Print all know there are lots of choices when it comes to choosingthe best drip coffee maker. When you knowwhat is important to you, and which features on a coffee maker will make yourcoffee making experience a pleasant experience, you are able to make a betterchoice.

Here are the top 7 features you should consider beforepurchasing another coffee machine:

1.) Auto Shutoff. This may sound pretty basic, but you would besurprised at how many budget coffee makers don’t have this feature. It would betragic to save a few dollars on a coffee maker only to return home and find iton fire.

2.) Automatic programming. There is nothing close to theexperience of waking up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee. If you can set analarm clock, you can easily set a timer for your automatic drip coffee to beginto brew, so that it is hot and fresh when you arise in the morning. This is amust have feature when you are deciding on the besthome coffee maker for you.

3.) Small batch settings. Not all the top rated coffee machineshave this programmability, but it is really a nice add on. The best drip coffee maker will have settings for 1-4cups as well as full pot brewing cycles insures that when you want a partialpot of coffee, it will be as flavorful as a full brewing cycle. These settingsadjust the water flow into the drip portion of your drip coffee maker.

4.) Thermal carafe. Consider purchasing a coffee machine thatdrips not into a glass carafe, but into a thermal coffee carafe. The thermalcarafe will keep your coffee fresh and hot for hours (up to 5 hours!). A sidebenefit of having a thermal coffee carafe is that you can take it with youanywhere.

5.) Pause and serve. Let’s face it, we just can’t wait for thatfirst cup of freshly brewed coffee! Being able to sneak a cup before the entirepot is finished is not a luxury, but a necessity.

6.) Self-cleaning cycle. There is minimum maintenance required sothat it continues to give you the freshest tasting coffee. Many newer machineshave an automatic clean cycle. If not, be certain that the coffee brewingmachine you choose at least has an alert light for when it needs to be cleanedwith a vinegar solution.

7.) Gold tone filter basket. By far this is the most important“must have feature” with any type of drip coffee maker. When you elect to usethe included reusable filters you are saving money (by not purchasing paperfilters) and respecting the environment by not adding any more to the landfillwith each pot of coffee you make. Consider composting your used grounds forextra smiles.

It’s easy to find just the bestautomatic drip coffee maker for your lifestyle. As always, before youmake a purchase, I would recommend reading current coffee maker reviews to seehow your choice stacks up to what others say about any particular coffeemachine.

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