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The Convenience of Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners

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There are some appliances that we can live without, but the vacuum cleaner isn’t one of them. And for many of us, a handheld vacuum cleaner is even more of a necessity.

Whether you live in a small cottage or a giant home these small appliances are a great way to deal with small cleanups—and depending on the power of your hand vac, they may even work for big jobs as well. And the pure convenience of them is easily understood. If you’ve ever had to lug out your full size canister or upright vacuum for a small touchup cleaning, you know what I mean. Instead of that hassle, you can use your small hand vacuum.

Likely, you clean your home for the results not the sheer pleasure of working. In that case, are you going to see less results from a handheld vacuum than you would from a full size? That’s a valid question, and the answer will depend entirely upon the model you choose. As with any other product on the market, there are some that come with great promises that just aren’t fulfilled.

Generally speaking, if you are just planning to use a hand vac for small messes such as crumbs on the floor, any model you buy will be up to the task. But what if you have pets that shed, or kids that tread dirt into the house, and then grind it into your carpets? For that, you’re going to need to do your research and choose a model that has the power to deal with situations like that.

What about the options available to you? Should you go with a corded vacuum or cordless? Chances are, if you need a handheld vacuum that has the power to deal with tough jobs, you are going to have to go with a corded model, and give up on the convenience of cordless. The fact is that in most—if not all—cases, cordless appliances do not have the power that corded models do. This is true for any kind of tool or appliance, not just your vacuum cleaner.

Some models also come with a shoulder strap, which is actually a great idea. It might be that the unit is a bit heavy, or it might be that the person using it just doesn’t have the muscle to carry it without support for a length of time. Some units are just unwieldy and burdensome, just due to their design.

However, all things considered, a handheld vacuum cleaner is a great purchase. The benefits are many. Not the least being that they are much smaller than their full size cousins, making them easier to use and store.

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