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How to Install Your Chimney Cap

Posted by By at 13 August, at 11 : 44 AM Print’re convinced. You really How to Install Chimney Capsdo need a chimney cap  to keep the rain from damaging your chimney flue and to keep squirrels, raccoons, and bats from taking up residence. You have carefully measured your flue(s) and ordered the correct chimney cap. While you wait for it to arrive, give a few minutes thought to its installation. Here’s how:

First, if your chimney cap comes with directions from its manufacturer, follow them to the letter rather than use the general procedures below.

Note that chimney caps are made of sheet metal and may have sharp edges, so use protective gloves when you handle and install your chimney cap.

If you have a single flue chimney cap , the type that fits over the flue, just slip it onto the flue. It should cover the top 1 or 3 inches of the flue. Now firmly tighten the screws on all sides of the chimney cap.

If you have an inside mount chimney cap for a round tile flue , just push it down into the flue for a tight friction fit. Seal around the joint with a silicone sealer.

If you are installing an inside mount chimney cap on a metal flue, push it firmly into the flue, but do not use silicone sealer. Metal flues often get hot enough to ruin the sealer.

Some chimney cap manufacturers provide adhesive with their chimney caps; others provide Tapcon screws (masonry anchors) and bits.  Or you can purchase them separately here.

If you are installing a top mount chimney cap , you can use an adhesive supplied with most chimney caps or Tapcon masonry anchors.

To use the adhesive, place the chimney cap where you want it to be on your chimney crown (the concrete area surrounding the flue or flues) and bend the flange around the bottom of the chimney cap so that it conforms to the chimney crown. Draw a line around the perimeter of the flange. Now, use your caulking gun to lay a 3/8 inch thick bead just inside the line. Move the caulking gun from side to side as you draw it along making a wavy line about an inch wide from edge to edge, not a tight zig-zag. Press the flange of the chimney cap down into the bead of adhesive. If you wish, you can use a putty knife to smooth the adhesive that oozes through the holes in the flange, but this is not necessary.

To install a top mount chimney cap with Tapcon masonry anchors, you will need to buy a 3/16″ masonry bit and enough Tapcon screws to mount your chimney cap if the manufacturer has not provided them with your chimney cap. Choose screws that are ¼”diameter and 1 ½” or 1 ¾” long. You will need enough screws to place one every running foot around your chimney cap, but at least one on each side. For example, if your chimney cap is 17 by 24 inches, use one screw in the middle of each 17 inch side, a screw at each end of each 24 inch side, and one in the middle of each 24 inch side.

To install, place the chimney cap where you want it to be on the chimney crown and conform the flange to the chimney crown. Holding the chimney cap firmly in place, drill holes through the flange and into the chimney crown with the 3/16″ masonry bit. As you drill each hole, partially tighten a screw in it to hold the chimney cap in position. Then, finish tightening all the screws.

If you don’t yet have your chimney cap, take the FireplaceMall Chimney Cap EASY MEASURE Guide up on the roof with you to help you correctly measure for the type of chimney cap you need.

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