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Commercial Carpet Tiles

Posted by By at 20 August, at 11 : 48 AM Print carpet tile is a very viable option for the Interior Designer or the business owner when selecting carpet for a commercial establishment. Carpet tiles are available in such a wide variety of sizes, colors, and textures that the decorating possibilities are almost endless. One of the major advantages to the use of carpet tiles is design flexibility. Alternating colors, or borders, can be freely used. This would be either impossible or prohibitively expensive in regular carpeting.

Design flexibility is only one of the advantages of carpet tiles. The tiles will have a longer life cycle than broadloom carpet. One reason for this is that it is possible to move the tiles easily from high traffic areas to lower traffic areas. This creates a kind of wear rotation that is impossible with traditional carpeting. If an individual tile or two becomes worn or damaged, they can be replaced without disturbing the remaining tiles.

Carpet tiles can be installed much quicker and with less effort than traditional carpeting. This is especially true of carpeting jobs in offices in multistory buildings. It is a lot easier to move boxes of carpet tiles to an upper floor than it is to carry 15 foot rolls of carpet. There is much less employee and system disruption during installation.

Once the carpet tiles are installed, they allow much better under floor access. This is important in work areas where wiring, telephone lines, or other components are located beneath the floor and must be accessed. Carpet tiles usually have improved acoustical qualities and the vinyl backing provides improved energy conservation due to better insulation. When the time does come to replace the tiles, you will get one more cost benefit because removal of the tiles is much quicker and less costly than removal of standard carpeting.

Although the carpet tile presents the same cleaning problems as other forms of carpeting, the flexibility and ability to rotate tiles from entranceways and high traffic areas to less used areas makes cleaning and upkeep more efficient. Design flexibility and lowered overall costs make carpet tiles an ideal solution to most commercial carpeting needs. There is one final advantage to carpet tiles that needs to be considered. If for some reason, you find yourself moving your offices to a new location, you can pick up your carpet tiles and take them with you.

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