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Concrete Restorations & Repairs

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In concrete, cracks occur and there is no way to prevent them only to attempt to control them. This is why expansion or control joints were designed. As unattractive as they are, they are very necessary. An expansion joint allows the concrete to crack while controlling where it cracks without it being seen.

Even the best concrete contractors can’t eliminate all cracks because of the nature of concrete. Cracks can be repaired using the right system but there is no guarantee that they wont come back but if they do, its usually in the form of spider cracks of which are very minor and hardly seen.  Erosion under the concrete will cause cracks as well, so the one thing to look out for is voids or pockets under your driveways, patios and sidewalks and pack some fresh dirt in the voids or add some additional concrete so that your existing surface will not drop and crack.  This is a very common problem that can be addressed very easily.

Stain will occur on your driveways as well over time because concrete will absorb most spills as the touch the surface such as oil, dies, paint, acids.  You can seal the concrete with some of the sealers available at your local hardware store but most are not chemically resistant for too long and they wont get rid of the stains.  Did you know that watering your lawn will cause the most stains on your concrete?  For you average stains such as oil, you can powerwash them out and it will eliminate most if them if not all of the stains but water stains, that black area from constant ovrewatering with sprinklers will not powerwash out.  You would have to surface grind the area in order to remove most of it but you want be able to remove it all.

There is a solution though:

The CTi System is a versatile and tough decorative concrete coating that
can be crafted to resemble beautiful marble, brick, stone, tile or a look that is uniquely
yours. The scientifically formulated CTi System has been engineered to bond
permanently to concrete, withstand staining, chipping or cracking, and stand up to
extreme heat and frigid temperatures, harsh sunlight, mold, mildew, salts, and alkalis.
Your Home is a reflection of your tastes and preferences.  The landscaping, carpet, drapes, furniture are all perfect….why not your concrete?  CTi offers you the ability to turn your ordinary concrete into something special and uniquely yours.  Whether it’s the look of brick, tile, slate, marble or even something out of the ordinary, CTi’s revolutionary coating system can provide your home with that finishing touch of perfection.

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Patio & Garden Concrete Restoration

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