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Carpet Stain removal tips

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Carpets have become a part of any home’s basic character. Even a small spot on an otherwise spotless carpet could embarrass the home owner. In most cases it is not really difficult to remove a stain. Here are a few ground rules to follow:

1. Its an urgent matter: waiting for a week end could be too late to remove a harmless stain. Get working on it almost as soon as something is spilled. Half jobs don’t help either. Merely blotting for now and leaving the cleaning for later will only make the spot more stubborn. The time you save now will cost you in terms of the money you’ll have to spend later trying to remove carpet stain professionally.

2. Blot the spot: Don’t scrub or brush a carpet while using water or soap or any other solvent to remove carpet stain. Even wiping or soaking does not help. What these do is remove the stain from the fiber, but not from the padding or base. So the stain will eventually wick to the surface. Blotting ensures that the stain comes off right from the base.

3. Dry your carpet well: Carpets when left damp will eventually begin to smell nasty. Not only that, damp carpets are twice as likely to attract dirt and are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. Using blotting paper, in combination with a shop-vac and with a fan around will help. If your carpet is not very fancy, you can even dry it in the sun after you remove carpet stain.

4. Use water, before anything else: Don’t rush to buy expensive cleaners. Usually, you can remove carpet stain by using products you will find in your house. Take a step-by-step approach. Most carpet stains come off with a little persistence and a lot of care. However, be careful with the kind of water you use, hot water will actually fix some stains (like blood) permanently on the carpet. If you must use a special solvent to remove carpet stain, read the label carefully and check with others who’ve used it.

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